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If you’ve lived in San Francisco in recent years, you know about the honey bear. These cute, stenciled icons are smattered on building exteriors throughout the city. Sometimes, the honey bear wears a cozy beanie. Other times, it’s disguised with 3D goggles and popcorn. Recently, it’s been spotted wearing a…

Photo: Art by Double Scribble, design by Antonio Losada

they say numbers

don’t matter and numbers

don’t lie. we say

this is for our Splash

Brother: #11

who plays the 2-

guard, rookie shooter

in 2011 turned first-time

2015 champ.

you’ve been gone

for too long and we’ve missed

your truth. your hoops. your numbers

matter and today


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A few months ago, I broke my left foot while playing basketball at an outdoor court in south Berkeley. With 5 bone fractures, I immediately knew the road to recovery would be long — and unknown.

Instead of relying on my usual routines and habits, I suddenly had to develop…

Original Art by Antonio Losada (chapulana)

For many fans, the NBA is a league measured in statistics and correlative impact on the hardwood: wins, losses, points, assists, rebounds, and other metrics calculated to determine the best and worst ratings.

Then, there’s the poetry behind the numbers — those moments of soulful transcendence and levitation; plays in-between…

Czarface and MF Doom present, “Super What?” (Photo: Brick Records)

In the early 90s, my older brother and I would collect Marvel Masterpieces in our dad’s apartment while Tupac and Snoop Dogg played from our California radio. The two worlds were distinctively imaginative, bold, and expressive — equally appealing forms of entertainment for first-generation Mexican-American boys with tons of unsupervised…

Original illustration by Khendra


When Horacio Llamas, the 6'11" teenager from Sinaloa, Mexico, migrated to Tucson, Arizona, he became the first Mexican to cross the border while dribbling a basketball.

Well, maybe he wasn’t the first; but he was definitely the best. The young prospect played at Pima Community College, where he received…


Photo: Briana Chazaro

“The Weekend Wind-Down” is a series from The Bold Italic highlighting ways to explore the Bay Area and wind down from your stressful week. If you have an idea or tip, email us, or DM us on Twitter or Instagram.

I sometimes have to burst my own Bay Area bubble…

Liquified Juicery in an East Bay supermarket (Photo: Courtesy of Liquified Juicery)

There’s a big difference between San Francisco’s Richmond District, and the city of Richmond, California.

The former is located in a global destination and has abundant access to resources like wealth, healthy eating, and diverse outdoor activities. The other, however, is just north of Oakland — in an industrial section…

Original artwork by Pradipta Alessandro

There’s something inexplicably impossible about Allen Iverson, even in 2021 — 11 years after his retirement from basketball.

There’s no fancy crossover here, just this simple fact: Iverson is someone who shouldn’t exist. But he does.

Undersized, dismissed, overlooked, misunderstood. A star athlete who was caught up in a draconian…

Alan Chazaro

Bay Area writer, blogger, teacher. Books: Piñata Theory (2020); This Is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album (2019). Twitter + IG: @alan_chazaro

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