I appreciate your response and carefully reading. I agree with you. It was a tough piece for me to write because it's more complicated than presented, it was just something on my mind that I was grappling with--that I think we all grapple with as diverse U.S. citizens of color--in how we exist (or even thrive) in a system designed to dehumanize. I saw that he apologized about it all a few days later and he said it wasn't Nike's fault, so I'm sure he got an earful from his camp. (I also read in that article that his $11 million deal with Nike is one of the biggest in sports). I hope he can reach a point of peace and balance within himself, I'm rooting for him beyond the sports level for sure

Bay Area writer, blogger, teacher. Books: Piñata Theory (2020); This Is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album (2019). Twitter + IG: @alan_chazaro

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